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Revolutionizing Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition with Dr. Melissa Mondala - S3E16

October 20, 2023 Coach Mikki Season 3 Episode 16
Coach Mikki and Friends
Revolutionizing Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition with Dr. Melissa Mondala - S3E16
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Dr. Melissa Mondala, a devoted advocate for plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine, is the star of our latest episode! She unveils her personal journey of overcoming health hurdles such as IBS and GERD through the transformative power of plant-based eating and lifestyle medicine. Listen in as she unpacks her six-year-long journey as a physician, healing patients by tackling the root cause of their symptoms and transitioning them to a healthier lifestyle.

Our conversation takes a deep dive into the intricate relationship between food and hormone health. Dr. Mondela highlights how endocrine disruptors, including sugary and salty foods, glyphosate, and heavy metals, can affect our hormonal health. You'll uncover the significance of plant-based eating and lifestyle changes like intermittent fasting and regular walking, particularly for managing hormone health at different stages of life. Learn from her valuable tips on stress reduction and consumption of anti-inflammatory foods for managing conditions like painful periods and hot flashes in perimenopausal and menopausal women.

As we wrap up this enlightening chat, we touch on the impact stress has on health and well-being. Discover how Dr. Mondala aids her high-stress patients in finding healthier coping mechanisms and collaborates with couples to facilitate collective healing. Plus, you'll gain her contact details and valuable advice on finding a balanced lifestyle, along with the right resources and experts for support. Don't miss out on this illuminating conversation with Dr. Melissa Mandala, packed with actionable tips and profound insights on how to revolutionize your health and life through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

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Exploring the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition
Food and Hormone Health
Stress' Impact on Health and Well-Being
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