Coach Mikki and Friends

Spicing Up Education and Bullying Prevention with Ron Shuali - S3 E17

October 23, 2023 Coach Mikki Season 3 Episode 17
Coach Mikki and Friends
Spicing Up Education and Bullying Prevention with Ron Shuali - S3 E17
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Are you starved for a way to make learning more fun and memorable? It's time to get your fill with our guest, Ron Shuali, a best-selling author and experienced educator. He's got a unique recipe for transforming tedious professional development into an enjoyable and engaging experience. Ron dishes out insights on his innovative workshops, which include elements as diverse as singing, yoga exercises, and videos. You'll also get a taste of his company, Unprofessional Development, and his unique Yogarate program, a blend of martial arts and yoga that helps individuals access their heart and quiet the mind.

Now, imagine being a kid again and discovering that making mistakes is a blessing. How would that reshape your world? Ron sure has an answer. He's not just about education, but about life's hard lessons too. Ron also shares his deeply personal experiences with bullying and how it inspired him to make a world of difference.

Ron's story doesn't end there. From his powerful anti-bullying assembly programs to his illuminating book on bullying, he's on a mission to encourage and inspire. He shares his views on the role of public schools, the importance of parental communication, and stresses the need to break the bullying circle. Tune in as Ron encourages us all to be fearless, be ourselves, and never give up on our dreams. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and educated, all at the same time!

Breaking the Bullying Circle

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